Statewide Solutions

Appeals Tracking - the Indiana Board of Tax Review (IBTR), Indiana’s state level appeal board, commissioned XSoft® to build, convert, support and maintain a stand-alone appeals tracking system for state level appeals. This system allows the IBTR to manage their appeals, hearings, and all related forms, reporting and mailings, all of which has been incorporated into the integrated appeals tracking component of XSoft CAMA™.

State of Indiana Personal Property Online Portal (PPOP-IN) – the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) selected XSoft® to develop a statewide personal property online tax filing system. This newly developed system was initially deployed in January 2021, providing a convenient on-line portal through which taxpayers can file their personal property returns. Key features of PPOP-IN include:

  • Secure Registration and Log In. Integrated with Access Indiana (, the State of Indiana’s single sign-on portal where users can access, link, and manage their online accounts for multiple state agencies.
  • Dynamic Forms. Allows taxpayers to manually select the necessary forms from a list or have the system dynamically select the appropriate forms through a Q&A session with the taxpayer to determine which forms are necessary.
  • Authorized Agents. Allows a taxpayer to authorize an agent (e.g. an accountant) to complete and submit personal property tax forms on behalf of the taxpayer.
  • Form Validation. Includes validation rules, ensuring forms are not submitted with incomplete or missing information.
  • Notifications Engine. Email notifications alert taxpayers when the status of a submitted filing changes. The notifications also alert local government officials when newly submitted files need attention.
  • Attachments. Securely attach and upload supplemental information, such as an image or PDF.
  • Amendments. Amend a previously submitted file, following the amended filing rules established by the DLFG.
  • Admin Tools. Administrative module allows site administrators to manage users, approve roles, and perform periodic system maintenance.