XSoft Engage™

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System Information

XSoft Engage™ is an online citizen engagement application, providing the general public, other local government offices, and outside agencies a 24x7x365 portal to access real-time authoritative local government data, focused on assessment and property tax information.

Designed as a cloud-based application and built using Visual Studio, .NET framework, XSoft Engage™ is driven by a powerful search engine and comprehensive, yet easy to use interface, ensuring the end user is intuitively guided to the information they seek. This includes robust access to GIS, CAMA, and property tax data, all combined into one system. Engage™ is hosted by XSoft and licensed to local governmental agencies on a contractual basis, including configuration, support and maintenance for a monthly, bi-annual, or annual fee.

Specific Components

  • Navigate

    Users of Engage™ can navigate through assessment and property tax information via a simple search bar, a map page, or a “data only” page, which allows the user to search and sort information without using a map. The map page provides the user with a variety of navigation tools, such as; search, measure, print, zoom in / out, and layer control. Engage™ also provides a “data only” page where users can search, sort and view details of assessment and property tax information without using map.

  • Search

    Basic search tools are provided in a variety of locations throughout the application; on the primary landing page, on the map page, on the data page, etc. The basic search tool is meant to be simple to use, but behind the scenes, Engage™ is working hard to provide you the results you’re searching for through a refined set of search algorithms that narrow down results with minimal input required. Advanced search is also provided in a user-friendly format where the search criteria is expandable / collapsible.

    Regardless of the search method used, a variety of information is made available for the selected property, such as:

    • Summary
    • Transfer History
    • Valuation List
    • Neighborhood Amenities
    • Sales Information
    • Improvement Information
    • Taxes
    • Property Record Card
    • Dynamic Forms
    • Google Street View
  • Dynamic Forms

    Because Engage™ is fully integrated with XSoft CAMA™ and XSoft Tax™, there is direct access to a plethora of property specific information, which allows users of Engage™ to pre-populate portions of the electronic form with the information that’s already stored in the CAMA and/or Tax system, such as owner name, address, parcel ID, legal description, etc. this means the end user will have less information to manually enter on the form and less chance for errors. Furthermore, the electronic form can be electronically submitted to the review agency, which means there’s less chance of data entry errors later – it’s a win/win for everyone involved.

    • The Deductions Module provides users online access to interactive deduction forms such as; Homestead, Over 65, Disabled Veteran, etc. The interactive deduction forms are auto-populated with known property tax information from XSoft CAMA to simplify and reduce the information needed from the user. Once user information is entered, the deduction form can be electronically submitted for county review/approval, at which point the electronic information can be imported directly into XSoft Tax. This improved process is more efficient with less chance for human error typically found with manual data entry.

    • The Appeals Module will streamline the entire appeals process and improve overall efficiency within your office. Using dynamic forms that are pre-populated with known property tax information from XSoft CAMA, taxpayers can search for their property and then enter appeal information, such as:

      • Contested land value
      • Contested structure value
      • Recent sales price
      • Date of sale
      • Reason for the appeal

      The completed Appeals Form is submitted online directly to the county, where the information is reviewed for accuracy and completeness. An administrative workflow included within this Engage module provides the county with a means to not only review the forms submitted online, but also manage integration with XSoft CAMA™, saving time and improving overall efficiency.

    • The Sales Disclosure module provides users online access to an interactive Sales Disclosure form, which is auto-populated with known property tax information from XSoft CAMA™ to simplify and reduce the information needed from the user. Once user information is entered, the completed Sales Disclosure form can be downloaded, printed, and then submitted to the county for review and approval.

Client Sites

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