About XSoft™

XSoft, Inc was formed in January 2006 with the goal in mind of providing counties with a dynamic alternative to the traditional assessment software solutions available. We recognized the need for a stable, dependable software provider that would be there for its clients, providing affordable and reliable support and maintenance. We are passionate about the success of our clients and feel that the solution is simple; provide a superior product with superior service.

XSoft™ is made up of individuals with a strong background in the valuation, property tax, financial, and technology industries. Although each employee has specialized skills and focus areas, we are all involved in every aspect of the company, including design, development, conversion, training and support.

At XSoft™, we have decades of practical experience in the business, including the following:

State Oversight Agency Employment

  • Overseeing assessment division
  • Overseeing tax review division
  • Direct involvement in STB and DLGF rules and regulations
  • Training of state and local officials on assessment practices

CAMA Software Consulting

  • Design
  • Conversions/Testing
  • Training/Support

Tax Software Consulting

  • Design
  • Conversions/Testing
  • Training/Support

Financials Software Consulting

  • Design
  • Conversions/Testing
  • Training/Support

Software Development

  • System Architect
  • CAMA and Tax Programming

Assessment Services

  • Trending
  • Property Valuation
  • Neighborhood and Land Rate Development
  • Ratio Studies
  • Personal Property Valuation
  • PTABOA Membership and Technical Advising

Geographic Information System (GIS) Development and Implementation

  • Data conversion
  • Software development
  • GIS/CAMA integration

County Assessor Employment

  • Deputy Assessor
  • Field Assessor/Appraiser
  • Appeals Officer

XSoft™ About Us

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