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System Information

XSoft Tax™ is designed as a window-based application. Our goal was to create a user-friendly environment for all aspects of the auditor’s and treasurer’s office day to day duties.

As a window based application, built using Visual Studio, .NET framework, XSoft Tax™ can take advantage of a variety of tools within the graphical user interface and the database to ensure that the navigation, entry, viewing, processing and reporting of data is simple and easy. It is also organized in such a way to make the operations of your office flow in an efficient and effective manner.

Specific Components

  • Multi-Year system

    XSoft Tax™ is set up to handle multiple years of data. Specific tables and fields exist that are year sensitive, allowing for the capture and storage of data by year. This will allow users to not only work in the current year, but also prior and future years. The design allows users to have access to prior and current year data.

  • Seamless Integration

    For counties with XSoft CAMA™ and XSoft Tax™, the two systems will provide a seamless integration that will automate many of your daily functions. XSoft Tax™ will also provide standard integration, which includes the necessary procedures and processes to integrate data with other CAMA providers. Customized integration will be developed in conjunction with our clients and third-party vendors at the client’s request.

  • Automated Correction of Errors/Adjustments

    XSoft CAMA™ and XSoft Tax™ will work together to allow for automated correction of errors and other assessor adjustments. Users will be able to accept or reject these changes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The systems will also create a customized paper trail that will be tailored to the specific counties’ needs.

  • Flexible Other/Special Assessment Tool

    Other/Special Assessments can tend to be very difficult to manage. XSoft Tax™ will allow users to add them to one or multiple records at a time with a click of a button. The amounts can be modified for spring, fall or annual within the module for any applicable pay year.

  • Abatement Tracking

    XSoft Tax™ has a custom abatement tracking tool that allows users to track the year of abatement, base assessed value, percentage of base AV, amount of deduction and resolution number along with the ability to add notes. This tool will allow users to know the status of the abatement in the respective pay year.

  • Deduction and Exemption Imports

    XSoft Tax™ will import deduction and exemption values that are assigned by the assessor. If a deduction or exemption is on file in XSoft Tax™, the import process will automatically assign the new assessed value, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

  • TIF Tool

    XSoft Tax™ provides an export tool to assist with the preparation of TIF neutralization and base/increment calculations. The tool minimizes the amount of input needed by the user to calculate the appropriate TIF values.

  • Exemption and Appeal Tracking

    XSoft Tax™ has an exemption and appeal module that allows you to track information provided from the assessor and stay up to date on their statuses.

  • Images

    XSoft Tax™ allows for the import of documents and images from a variety of sources, in a variety of formats and methods. Users can scan documents or import existing electronic documents and images into the system and link them to specific records. Standard file formats are acceptable (e.g., .jpg, .tif, .gif). Once in the system, users will be able to view and print.

  • Searching

    The searching component allows the user to search for the various types of records, based on a wide variety of characteristics. It includes both basic search, as well as, advanced search options. The intent of this component is to allow the user to find records based on all critical fields—effectively a built-in query writer. Designed to provide the user with the ability to view data, manage the database and run processes and reports, this component will give the user complete control in locating and modifying records within the database.

  • Reporting

    The reporting component allows the user to generate a wide variety of standard reports and unlimited potential for custom reports at their discretion. Reports needed for Settlement and other daily, weekly, monthly and annual processes will be available at the click of a button.

  • Online Help

    The Help menu provides the user with a fully searchable, context sensitive help file designed to provide documentation of the user-interface and application, detail about the design environment, and tutorials to assist with the use of the product. This component is a help file and user manual all in one.

  • Comprehensive Importing/Exporting

    The import/export routines that are currently available to users include:

    • state file formats (data compliance)
    • tax bill data
    • abstract exports
    • certified net assessed values (CNAV)
    • tax sale data
    • deduction/exemption values
    • payment files
    • settlement forms

State Specific Solution

  • XSoft Tax™

    As a flagship product, XSoft Tax™ has been architected in such a way that it can be tailored to fit specific state requirements, such as, processes, deductions/exemptions, reports, etc. This architecture is critical to ensure stabilized software as new releases are published, tested and released to the XSoft™ customer base.

    INtax™ for example, is the Indiana version of XSoft Tax™, which has been tailored to fit the specific needs for the State of Indiana, including over 25 on-demand reports, forms, data extracts, tables, deductions/exemptions, etc., all specific to Indiana requirements as set forth in 50-IAC 26.