It is our mission to ensure that you are provided with all the tools necessary to conduct your responsibilities as assessor, auditor or treasurer. We aim to set ourselves apart from other vendors by providing you with complete access to our staff day or night. That is, we will make ourselves available either via phone, fax or email continuously with a dedicated staff person to your county in order to provide you with an unprecedented level of service, support and most importantly accountability. Naturally, we cannot be everywhere at once, but we do offer a 24-hour guarantee return on correspondence and expect typical response times to be significantly quicker, generally immediate response can be expected. XSoft will provide service in a variety of ways;

  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Direct Connection
  • Remote Connection
  • On-site

We are here to assist you with your everyday needs related to our software products. Unlike many other vendors, XSoft will have an experienced single support/maintenance person dedicated to your county. We feel this is a critical component of our support. By providing you with a sole source of contact, you will always know who you are dealing with and that all support will be provided in a consistent manner.


XSoft is dedicated to the highest levels of maintenance services of its XSoft CAMA™, XSoft Tax™, XSoft Financials™, and XSoft Engage™ products.

We feel there are three areas related to properly maintaining our products:

  • Technology

    XSoft CAMA™, XSoft Tax™, XSoft Financials™,and XSoft Engage™ have been developed using the most current technology available and will continue to keep up with the ever-changing needs of your office.

  • Legislation

    XSoft recognizes the importance of implementing legislative changes in a timely manner. Each year there are new laws that require immediate attention, whether such changes are retroactive, current or future in nature, rest assured we can make such changes to our products in a timely fashion.

  • Industry Standards

    Although stable, there are always going to be some new concepts or industry wide practices. XSoft is committed to staying abreast of all industry standards and will continue to maintain XSoft CAMA™, XSoft Tax™, XSoft Financials™, and XSoft Engage™ accordingly.


XSoft has developed and tested conversion routines for a wide range of legacy data to our databases. Typically, conversions are looked at as a distinct, unique project requiring specialized skills and understanding of how a system works. XSoft is well versed in such projects and is dedicated to ensuring that data is converted at very high success rates. After all, your data is your lifeline and we understand the importance of it to ensure fair and equitable assessments.


For most clients, XSoft provides training on-site, conducted by an experienced instructor using visual projection equipment, additionally, if the county has the facilities, in a computer lab. The county will be provided with an electronic version of a user manual and training guide, in addition to hard copies of training exercises. Training typically consists of a detailed overview of the product and ample time spent on each of the core functions of the system. Students will have the opportunity to work specific scenarios, ask questions, and be provided with one on one, hands on guidance.

We generally provide two types of training for new users:

  • Initial training

    is conducted once installation has taken place to introduce the product to the users. This will likely be about a half day of time spent introducing the users to the product. We will provide exercises covering the main functions of the system so that the user can spend time getting familiar with the product and perform a cursory review of the test conversion data prior to the in-depth training.

  • In-depth

    training will be conducted once the users have had ample time to practice with a test conversion database.

    In addition to the normal training at the time of purchase, we also offer additional training which can be customized to fit your needs.


XSoft provides Engage™ to several of its clients with web design, hosting and maintenance services. Most clients find it convenient to contract licensed usage on the basis of a monthly, bi-annual, or annual fee. We customize websites for our clients in order to provide the public with an alternative way to interact with the property tax offices, by providing for detailed assessment data with a wide variety of searching capability. This type of service has proven to have a tremendous impact on the efficiency of the property tax offices. We have documented large decreases in both phone and foot traffic within offices that opt for this type of service.

Consulting Services

XSoft also offers consulting services related to each of the items listed above, as well as in the field of computer software services for preparing mass property valuation appraisals and the organization and workflow of our client's offices.